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Handicraft meets high tech

Cutting-edge quality made in Germany: All WOLL professional cast products are cast by hand from high-FHK_v06_1-1-9quality, pre-processed aluminium alloy using a variety of casting processes – without the use of electrical voltages and free of any harmful entrapped air.

After careful grinding and micro-fine trimming, we apply aluminium titanium oxides or diamond crystals to the cookware surfaces using a highly complex procedure involving the use of a 20,000 °C plasma jet. The result is an extremely cut-resistant product.

The products are finished off with a sealing process carried out on our production line – the most modern line for applying such coatings in Europe. It combines the use of cutting-edge high tech with extremely low CO2 emissions.

And by the way, the whole manufacturing process for our ranges of pans, including the application of protective coating, is entirely free of PFOA (perfluorooctanoates).