• New technology
• New design
• Outstanding performance

Induction – the latest cooking experience with the new WOLL high-performance induction bottom.

With WOLL professional cast products treated with non-stick coating and designed for induction cookers professional cooking is now safer and more energy-saving – two features that professional chefs particularly value.

An induction bottom in special steel developed especially for WOLL is fitted edge to edge to the pan body.

This new generation of induction bottoms helps your pots and pans to warm up faster. Even extremely high-energy heat flows are transferred directly onto the pan body without any heat congestion. WOLL induction products can absorb almost 100% of the energy provided by the induction hotplate upon which they are placed.

WOLL professional cast products for induction cookers are also suitable for all other types of cooker:
gas, electrical, ceramic, halogen.


1. Cast aluminium pan body
2. New ferromagnetic special-steel induction bottom applied to the entire surface with approximately 9 mm/0.35″-thick cast bottom for optimum thermal absorption and no distortion, even at high temperatures
3. Cut and abrasion-resistant hard-base coating with outstanding non-stick properties.

Induction hob

A. Glass ceramic top
B. Magnetic field
C. Induction coil