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Instructions for use and care

Before using for the first time

Rinse out all Woll professional cast products thoroughly with hot water and a little detergent.


Always heat up the pan first, without any ingredients. Once the pan is hot, add oil/fat and reduce het to the desired level. Neither light scratches nor small cuts will adversely affect the pans excellent frying qualities.


Clean our products after each use with hot water and a little detergent.

Important Advice for use on Ceramic Hobs

Manufacturing tolerances for ceramic hobs or dirt caught between the bottom of the pan and the ceramic hob (salt, pepper etc.) may cause scratches on the aluminium pan bottom or ceramic hob if the pan is pushed back and forth. For this reason, always lift the pan when moving it. We assume no liability for any damage caused by failure to observe this advice.

Correct use of fats and oils

According to (Stifung Warenfest 2/1988 (an independent test, German Consumer Organisation), empty, chill-cast aluminium pans reach a temperature of approximately 300°C after 3 minutes when heated up a the highest level. Fats can burn extremely fast at these high temperatures whereby so-called “tar resin” is produced, which can burn into the surface of the coating and will no longer be able to be removed, thus meaning that the non-stick properties could be damaged.

Temperature Levels for various fats and oils

  • Butter and Margarine – can only be heated to around 160°C. They are only suitable, therefore, for dishes that are prepared at low heat, e.g. eggs, omelettes etc.
  • Clarified Butter – can be heated to 200°C and oils such as Sunflower-seed oil between 200-220°C. They are suitable for medium-heat dishes, e.g. fried potatoes and items coated in flour or breadcrumbs.
  • Hardened vegetable fats – can be heated to around 280°C before burning. They are suitable for high levels of heat required, for example, when searing various meats.
  • Cold-pressed Oils, diet fats and diet margarines – are mainly not suitable for frying. Please observe the specifications of the manufacturer!

Terms & Conditions of Guarantee

  1. No claim can be accepted without proof of purchase. Credit card / cash slip or receipt must be produced.
  2. Guarantee is only valid for customers in Sub Saharan Africa. Cookware bought overseas must be returned to relevant retailer.
  3. Product must be returned to retailer or company that you purchased from. Woll South Africa will only honour guarantee from customers who have bought directly from Woll South Africa.
  4. 3 Year guarantee on coating, lifetime guarantee on surface distortion.
  5. Woll Cookware is primarily for domestic use. Commercial users must have product refurbished every twelve months for guarantee to be honoured. Small charge applies.
  6. Discolouration on the surface is due to “tar resin” build up. This is due to operator error and is not covered by guarantee.
  7. Please read “Correct Use of Fats & Oils” above. If discolouration occurs, the replacement fee will be charged in this instance.
  8. Lids are covered for shattering whilst cooking. If lid or handle is mis-used or dropped – spare parts are available to purchase from our agents or head office.
  9. Woll South Africa does not cover the transport cost for customers returning product for review or under guarantee claim.

Lifetime Warranty

Any piece of cookware over 3 years old / without proof of purchase OR due to operator error will fall under our Lifetime Warranty. Full replacement for 20% of current retail price.

Important Message

Woll Cookware South Africa, will always strive to offer the best service and after sales back up, however it must be noted that we operate under the strict rules and guidelines of Woll Cookware Germany. We can only honour guarantees from purchases in Sub Saharan Africa. Replacement fees are controlled by the German office and may be subject to currency fluctuations.

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