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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

WOLL professional cast products are suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and halogen hotplates. The products belonging to the Induction Line, along with the induction versions of the LOGIC series and the concept pro stainless steel series are suitable for induction, gas, electric, ceramic and halogen hobs. For more information on the subject of “induction” technology, go to the “Cooking with induction technology” page.
We provide our customers with technological progress and improved safety. That’s why WOLL professionalSafety-Logos cast products carry the TÜV and GS marks. Our non-stick coating conforms to the recommendations of the German Health Ministry. This provides the proof needed to show that our products are physiologically completely safe and that they conform to all legal requirements as well as the rules set out by their manufacturer.
WOLL products are environmentally friendly in the sense that they are guaranteed to containPPOA FREE no PFOA and because we are careful to work energy efficiently in production and processing. In addition you as the final consumer will also save energy, as WOLL cookware is particularly good at conducting and retaining heat. For more information on this topic see the PFOA-free page and in the usage and care instructions for our products.
For detailed information on the use of fats and oils, see our instructions on usage and care.
WOLL professional cast products are manufactured out of high-performance, pre-processed aluminium alloy – see the page on Manufacturing for more details on this topic.
The diameter details relate to the inner top diameter of the relevant pot or pan or other cookware.