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WOLL Diamond Plus Induction

The Induction Line unites the unique benefits of induction technology with WOLL’s well-known quality features. WOLL’s edge-to-edge high-performance induction bottom is the core feature of the pan. Specially developed for WOLL, the approx. 9-mm bottom lies perfectly flat on the hob, it resists deformation even at extremely high temperatures, thus guaranteeing an extremely long service life.

This new generation of induction bottoms enables pots and pans to warm up extremely quickly. Even extremely high-energy heat flows are transferred directly onto the pan body without any heat congestion. This efficient flow allows WOLL induction products to absorb almost 100% of the energy produced by induction hobs.

The products forming part of the Induction Line are also suitable for all other hob types: gas, standard electrical, ceramic and halogen hobs.

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WOLL Diamond Plus Induction – Made in Germany

All Induction Line products are cast individually by hand in Germany from a high-quality, pre-processed aluminium alloy using our original chill-cast process, which prevents any harmful air bubbles becoming entrapped in the cast metal.

After careful grinding and milling, a thermal coating process is used to apply a specialized ferromagnetic steel layeredge-to-edge over the aluminium base. It is this layer that makes the product suitable for induction hobs. When this process is completed, aluminium-titanium oxide is applied to the cooking surface using a complex high-tech process involving a plasma jet working at 20,000 °C, leaving our products extremely cut-resistant.

As a final layer, we apply our well proven, PFOA-free non-stick coating to all Induction Line products – this represents our contribution to low-fat, vitamin-friendly cooking.

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WOLL Diamond Plus Induction Design

No Compromises and Outstanding Performance

The great new technology in the modern kitchen: professional cooking using induction. You save time and energy, and can prepare any meal, whether it be an everyday classic or a five-course gourmet dinner, much more easily than with older technologies.

The special feature of our non-stick professional cast products for induction cooking:

  • In a newly developed process an induction bottom developed especially for WOLL is fitted edge-to-edge over the whole pan bottom. As a result, our pots and pans warm up extremely fast.
  • Even extremely high-energy heat flows are transferred directly onto the pan body without any heat congestion. WOLL induction products can absorb almost 100% of the energy provided by the induction hotplate upon which they are placed.

To put it in an nutshell: You cook more safely and economically – and produce better results.

And by the way: our Induction Line is also suitable for other cooker types, such as gas, electric, ceramic and halogen hobs.

Diamond Plus Induction Design

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